Volunteers Sorting glasses

Volunteers at the Center come from many groups:  Local Lions clubs, high school honor students, Boy and Girl Scouts, local church volunteers or people with required community service hours or folks who just want to help. The Center is a good place to meet new people and make new friends.

Upon completion of renovations, the Center will welcome back volunteers. At that time, please call (703) 671-1919 to set a time to volunteer.  Keep reading to learn about the process in preparing glasses for distribution!

LERCNOVA Operating Locations are:

  • Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center of Northern Virginia in Arlington, VA. Please contact Lion Pam, Operations Manager at (703) 671-1919,

  • Lake of the Woods Lions Club in Fredericksburg, VA. Please contact Lion Ron at (540) 406-9258.  Info:

  • Park West Lions Club in Manassas, VA. Please Contact Lion Evelyn at (703) 969-2722.

  • Remington Lions Club in Remington, VA. Please Contact Lion Curtis at (540) 522-1891.

  • Northern Shenandoah Valley, Clark County, VA. Please contact Lion Greg Hart or PCC Sharon Hart at (540) 955-6229.

    Additional volunteer opportunities supporting the eyeglass recycling center are available at:

  • Lions District 22-C Eyeglass Recycling Center near Andrews AFB in Maryland. Please Contact Lion Betty  at (301) 742-6096 or Lion Susan at (301) 297-8791.

We welcome all groups and individuals. All ages from junior high school students to senior citizens can do the work, separately or together. The activity can be done day or evening. Upon request we can provide community service credits and letters.

After renovations are completed, the Center can accommodate groups of 8. If you or your group is too small in number to make it feasible to open the Center, we can combine you or your group with another group.

Volunteers under the age of 18 years old should bring a copy of the Center’s Child/Youth Permission Slip completed and signed by their parent or guardian.

We thank our volunteers for their contributions to the Center, the community and on behalf of the people whose lives will be improved by receiving the eyeglasses.